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“Kim’s knowledge and professional approach made me feel confident when making nutritional and supplemental choices.  As a result, I am certain that I gave the best to our baby throughout my whole pregnancy.  Postpartum, Kim also made herself available to answer any questions that we had about our baby’s development.  She is an excellent resource to have on your side.” 

- Kelley, Milton, ON

“Trying to conceive, especially when it isn’t happening as soon as you would like it to, can be incredibly stressful. Stress on the body is manifested in multiple ways, and in many studies has been associated with increased time to conceive. Some studies have shown extremes of stress can be even be associated with miscarriage, poor pregnancy outcomes and complications for the baby.

Optimizing health and wellness, before and during trying to conceive can help to mitigate some of these factors. The simplest way to do this is to optimize diet and exercise, trying to be as healthy as possible. Ensuring that the proper amounts of key vitamins and minerals are in the diet is important too, and that is where the assistance of a dietician or nutritionist can be be extremely helpful.

Kim Sjoblad has a special interest in helping women achieve their optimal state health and wellness before, during and after conception. Working individually with women and couples, she has helped many of them feel better overall, decrease their stress level, and eventually conceive. With her new interactive web programme, she is able to reach more people, and help those who live further away. It is a great way to connect and influence people in a positive way.”

- Heather A. Cockwell, MD FRCSC
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Associate Clinical Professor (Adjunct), McMaster University
One Fertility

“Kim Sjoblad helped me immensely on my journey to motherhood. She was a compassionate shoulder during my miscarriage and helped me to recover and maintain a successful pregnancy.  Kim spent countless hours patiently answering my questions and discussing all of my concerns.  I saw how knowledgeable she is and the passion she has for nutrition and babies! She has genuine care and concern for me and my baby’s wellbeing and I truly appreciate and trust that I am in good hands.  I would and have recommended her to my friends and family.”

- Kelly, Toronto, ON

” While undergoing fertility treatment I had the pleasure of meeting with Kim Sjoblad who offered me with some sound advice and nutrition tips that I could apply to my everyday eating habits. As well, she assessed my health and body profile with a questionnaire that provided some insight on where I was lacking in terms of nutrients for my body. This was quite helpful in determining the areas that I needed to work on for my health and fertility. Kim put together a comprehensive eating plan and supplement program that was easy to follow and eventually allowed me to achieve my ultimate goal of getting pregnant. Anyone who is experiencing infertility should seriously consider using Kim’s services to optimize their best chances of conceiving, whether naturally or through assisted measures.”

- Carolyn, Oakville, ON

“Kim Sjoblad has worked within my clinic for years and has a passion for assisting woman with fertility. She has personally struggled with optimizing her own fertility and brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to her clients.  She continues to be on the forefront of trying to get accessible information to women so they can achieve their fertility goals.”

- Dr. Kimberly Elford, M.D., F.R.C.S.(C)
Medical Director, Oakville Fertility & Women's Health Centre

“I struggled with infertility and endometriosis for years. After visiting a fertility clinic for over a year I decided to visit Kim in order to see what I could do on the diet/nutrition side to assist in the process. Kim provided a holistic nutrition and supplement plan tailored specifically to my needs. Not only did Kim provide an excellent detailed plan for me to follow she also listened to me talk about my struggles and provided emotional support. Kim made me feel that she could relate to my situation and helped me feel like there were things within my control that I could do. My husband and I are now thrilled that I am 35 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I visited Kim again once I was pregnant and she provided me with some additional tips and information to tailor my diet and supplement plan during pregnancy. I know that the information, tools and support I gained from Kim was a component to my success in achieving a healthy pregnancy and I highly recommend her services to others! “

- Natalie, Oakville, ON

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