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Fertility Video Series


What does your AMH level really tell you?

AMH (Anti-mullerian hormone) AMH is a marker that is tested to assess your ovarian reserve. AMH is hormone that is produced by cells in your ovarian follicles called granulosa cells. The production of AMH is at its peak in the early stages of egg development before an egg reaches about 4mm in diameter. It is Read More >

3 Easy to add foods that will increase your fertility naturally

1. Spirulina Spirulina is commonly referred to as blue-green algae. It is an exceptionally nutrient dense plant food source, and it has been shown to be excellent for supporting healthy fertility and pregnancy. The protein in spirulina is a high-quality protein, superior to most other plant proteins. It contains 60-70 percent protein, which is around Read More >

3 ways to reduce the impact of stress on egg quality

Have you been thinking you would like to start a family? Or maybe you already have one child and are thinking about having another. If you are then please read this post. Our current generation of children is the first on record that isn’t expected to have a longer life expectancy then their parents. For Read More >

Folic acid versus Folate

Over the last few years there has been considerable controversy around the form and amount of folic acid that women trying to conceive should be consuming. In North America our grain products are fortified with a synthetic form of folate called folic acid (this is also the form found in several prenatal vitamins). The purpose Read More >