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About Jodie

My name is Jodie Peacock and I am passionate about helping couples prepare their bodies for a healthy pregnancy.

Everything I do, I do because I am passionate about educating women, men and colleagues about lifestyle and dietary changes that they can make to improve their fertility and overall health.

My objective with starting the Enhance Fertility Bootcamp program was simple: to design an easy-to-follow program that increases fertility and results in pregnancy and healthy babies. My goal is to help you achieve the dream of being a mother and having a healthy baby by giving you the knowledge and the tools to take back control over your body.

I’m here to help you realize your dream of being a mother, and to create a healthy baby

I believe in a world where every woman is fertile, pregnancy makes you glow, and babies thrive. It’s about making a shift in the way you live, the way you think, and the way you eat. This is not a quick fix; rather, it’s a commitment to yourself and a way of life.

I’m known for helping women get pregnant, stay pregnant and deliver healthy babies.

I have had the privilege to work with countless couple during my first 10 years of practice as a naturopathic doctor. With this knowledge I have created highly specialized and comprehensive fertility and pregnancy programs. To all the women out there who are struggling to conceive, I understand your struggles and care about helping you succeed. I am committed to helping you on this journey which will eventually result in you being able to raise a happy, healthy family.

A little about this website

Enhancefertilitybootcamp.com is where I share personal and clinical experiences and as well as current research. Through my videos, products, and programs, you will learn love, health, happiness and personal connection on the journey to motherhood.

My commitment is to bring you the very best of what I’m living and learning. I am constantly researching, discovering, and creating — and who better to share the love with then my subscribers?

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What We Stand For


Providing top quality education to improve the health, of both our current and future generations.


To maintain an atmosphere that is secure and supportive for women who want natural based, clinically tested education for enhanced conception.



It is important to Dr. Jodie Peacock ND to give back to the community by  providing both educational and financial support to women’s health  initiatives.


Enhance Fertility Bootcamp is an industry leader in providing natural based  support and advice to couples embarking on the path to becoming parents  either naturally or with the assistance of reproductive technologies.


Enhance Fertility Bootcamp stands 100% behind its services. Our goal is to  surpass the expectations of all participants in both the quality of the  education and support for couples while part of the program.


Dr. Jodie Peacock ND has had a passion for helping families with fertility for  over 10 years. She is also passionate about making an impact to change the  health of our future generation.